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In Memory Of Edouard Seguin, M.D.

Creator: n/a
Date: 1880
Publication: Proceedings of the Association of Medical Officers of American Institutions for Idiotic and Feeble-Minded Persons
Source: Available at selected libraries
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Dr. Seguin had the energy and the enthusiasm of youth in the study of medicine. The very day before he was struck down with his mortal illness he came to see me. Perhaps this was the last visit he ever made to a brother practitioner. He came to show me a new and ingenious device for applying the vapor of chloroform to the cervix uteri for the temporary relief of excessive pain in dysmenorrhoea. I believe his invention a valuable one, and I intend to try it and report it to the profession.


We find no long string of honorary titles attached to the name of Edouard Seguin, -- and why? Because his modesty forbade his friends to obtain them. Governments abroad do not bestow decorations on the most meritorious, unless friends set forth in strong terms the nature and value of labors that would justify it. Universities and colleges do not confer honorary titles on any man, till his friends move in the matter and set his claims to such distinction clearly before them. If Seguin had been desirous of such distinctions, he could have had them easily, for his work was of the highest order.


There is more to live for in this world than the accumulation of riches. How fortunate for humanity that Seguin was not a devotee to mammon. Money-hoarding is wholly incompatible with such labors as his. It is said that he died poor; but he leaves a heritage to science and humanity worth more than millions in gold. That man is rich who by his labors enriches the world's charities. Judged by this standard, no millionaire who has died amongst us lately was richer than Edouard Seguin.

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