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Sketch Of The Life, Personal Appearance, Character And Manners Of Charles S. Stratton, The Man In Miniature, Known As General Tom Thumb, And His Wife, Lavinia Warren Stratton; Including The History Of Their Courtship And Marriage, With Some Account Of Remarkable Dwarfs, Giants, & Other Human Phenomena, Of Ancient And Modern Times, And Songs Given At Their Public Levees

Creator: n/a
Date: 1863
Publisher: Press of Wynkoop & Hallenbeck, New York
Source: Robert Bogdan Collection
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Page 8:


A miniature silver horse and chariot; by Tiffany & Co. The vehicle is ornamented with rubies, the eyes of the charger being garnet. The whole is in the chastest style of fillagree work, and is a model of beauty and art.


Elegant and elaborate dressing-case; by Mr. H. A. Spalding.


A magnificent miniature set of church service books, mounted in gold, morocco case; by Dr. Henry Rallton.


A set of silver salt cellars, with silver castor; by Mrs. Stratton (the groom's mother)


A set of coffee spoons, silver, lined with gold; by Mrs. Quackenboss.


A set of salt cellars and tea spoons; by Mrs. C.A. Phelps.


A head-dress of white French flowers, surmounted by a humming bird; by Madame Tilman, of Ninth street, N.Y. The same lady presented the sister of the bride -- Miss Minnie Warren -- with a similar head-dress.


Beautiful and complete dressing-case, by Mrs. S.H. Hurd.


Magnificent bronze clock and vases; by Mrs. Howland.


Elegant malachite stand; by Mrs. Thorne.


Gold and pearl card receiver; by Mrs. Stuart.


An elegant miniature sewing machine, presented by the Wheeler and Wilson Manufacturing Company. It is silver plated, and mounted in a richly carved rose-wood case lined with satin wood, and the panels inlaid with tasteful devices. The height of the case is 26 inches; its length 21; and depth 16 inches. It is furnished with drawers, and all the ordinary appliances of this celebrated machine. Although of petite dimensions suited to the little lady, the machine works as effectually as those of larger patterns, and Madame Thumb will prove too much of a woman to employ it always in making dolls clothing.


Splendid Afghan, gorgeous colors, bearing the little General's coat of arms; by Madame Josephone Baunn, 837 Broadway.


Elegant miniature set of parlor furniture in ebony and gold by Mrs. George A. Wells.


Beautiful photograph album for 200 pictures, heavy binding, elaborately decorated and gold mounted; by Messrs. E. & H. T. Anthony, 501 Broadway.


Complete dinner set of the richest porcelain and gold, numbering 127 pieces; by Mrs. E. N. Roosevelt.


Dining silver plated chafing dishes and covers, 14 in number, very beautiful and costly, by Mrs. Greeley.


Beautiful dessert service (Sevres porcelain), harlequin pattern, 84 pieces; by Mrs. including vases and fruit-stands; Mr. and Mrs. Lennox.


Magnificent book-case (papier mache), richly inlaid with gold, silver, and pearl; Mr. S. Draper.


Gorgeous set of Chinese fire-screens corresponding in style with the above; Mrs. Lincoln.


Among the many costly presents from Mr. Barnum, is one of the most curious pieces of mechanism ever devised by the cunning hand of an artist. It is an elaborately wrought casket of tortoise shell. Upon pressing a spring, a diminutive bird, clad in natural feathers, rises from within, and sings very deliciously. It shakes its brilliant plumage, and is so exceedingly life-like in all its motions, that the spectator might be pardoned for believing it to be a genuine bird. This ingenious toy was purchased in London, many years since, for one hundred pounds. It is probably of Swiss manufacture.


These and numerous other valuable presents, added to the costly gifts presented to General Tom Thumb in former days by QueenVictoria, King Louis Phillipe, Emperor Nicholas, and various other crowned heads, as well as the nobility of Europe, and eminent Americans form of themselves a collection worth going many miles to see. Such of these presents as can be easily transported, are exhibited at all the public levees of General Tom Thumb and his wife.



The material is a superb quality of taffetas, changing from pale amber to a silvery white, and producing a peculiarly rich and delicate tint. The skirt, cut en traine, is ornamented to represent the emblems of different nationalities on each separate breadth, connected at each seam by Marabout feathers, and lace, altogether forming an elegant border round the skirt. The design in front of the dress represents Growing Corn for America -- on the right a Rose for England, encircled by buds, and leaves -- on the left, Laurel for France -- and on the remaining breadths are exhibited an Acorn, in oak leaves, for Germany -- a Shamrock for Ireland -- the Thistle for Scotland, and a Vine, with cluster of Grapes, for Italy. The designs are traced in very narrow folds of white satin, their effect being heightened where it is necessary to their representation, and raised appearance with narrow point applique. The side is looped up, nearly to the waist, in a regal style, over a petticoat of white glace silk, covered with puffings of fine tulle, the divisions being traced with seed pearls. The corsage is arranged with tiny folds of white satin, edged with point applique describing a little pocket rounded off from the stomacher. The sleeves are short and trimmed to match the corsage.


This magnificent dress was ordered by Mr. Barnum, who gave carte blanche, as to style and cost, and was designed and made by Madame Demorest, No. 473 Broadway.

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