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Tom Thumb On Kisses
An American as I am -- a free citizen of the smartest nation in creation, ‘t isn’t for me to find fault with the gala of free Columbia. Neverthe­less, truth is mighty, and with fair play will whip her weight in wild-cats. Therefore, I cannot say much for the kissing of America. Governor Barnum tells me that I ought n’t to give any ‘pinion of the matter till I get back again, with all my snuff-boxes and tooth-picks, and pencil-cases of crowned heads about me; when the kisses will be a differ­ent matter, as the royalty of Europe will be saluted through me. But this I must say; the kissing of America, of my own countrywomen, was terrible cautious; nothing more than what you might call respect with the chill off....
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Title: Tom Thumb On Kisses
Creator: n/a
Date: January 2, 1847
Format: Article
Publication: Littell's Living Age
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: vol.12, no.138, pp.6-7
Keywords: Charles Stratton, Tom Thumb; England; Entertainment; Humor; Identity; Media; Phineas T. Barnum; Physical Disability; Popular Culture; Queen Victoria; Sexuality; Short Stature; Theater
Topics: Mass Media, Culture & The Arts