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Treatment Of The Mentally Retarded - A Cross-National View
Throughout the world very considerable progress has been made during the last decade or two in the area of mental retardation and one of the main forces in this advance has been a most interesting social phenomenon, the organized effort of parents of the mentally retarded, efforts that now can well be described as a worldwide movement....
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Title: Treatment Of The Mentally Retarded - A Cross-National View
Creator: Gunnar Dybwad (author)
Date: June 1968
Format: Speech
Source: Friends of the Samuel Gridley Howe Library and the Dybwad Family
Keywords: Advocacy; Children; Cognitive Disability; Conference On Socio-Cultural Aspects Of Mental Retardation; Diagnoses & Diseases; Down Syndrome; Education; Educational Institutions; Employment; Government; Government Agencies; Gunnar Dybwad; Indonesia; Institutions; International Relations; Labor; Medicine & Science; Mental Retardation; Nashville, TN; Policy; Prejudice; Psychiatric Disability; Religion; Rosemary Dybwad; Rural Life; Sheltered Workshop; Social Welfare; Social Welfare & Communities; Tennessee; Urban Life
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Social Movements & Advocacy
Note: Presented at the Conference on Socio-Cultural Aspects of Mental Retardation, Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn.