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Manual Training Department
For a good many years now the manual training department, both of the girls and the boys, has been held in the pupils' minds as on a par with any other department of the institution. They not only like it but view it from the practical vocational side, and they wish for all possible assignments to it. Occasionally graduates return for further opportunities to work in it -- all which is naturally gratifying....
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Title: Manual Training Department
From: Perkins Institution And Massachusetts School For The Blind, Eighty-Third Annual Report Of The Trustees, 1914
Creator: n/a
Date: 1915
Format: Annual Report
Publisher: Wright & Potter, Boston
Source: American Printing House for the Blind, Inc., M. C. Migel Library
Location: vol.83, pp.21-22
Keywords: Blind; Boston, MA; Children; Education; Educational Institutions; Employment; Institutions; Labor; Labor & Commerce; Massachusetts; Massachusetts Commission For The Blind; New York; New York Association For The Blind; Perkins School For The Blind; Schools; Sensory Disability; Sheltered Workshop; Social Welfare & Communities; Vocational Rehabilitation; Wisconsin; Work
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations