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Radio Address By Franklin D. Roosevelt, February 18, 1931
People know well that restoring one of us cripples--because as some of you know, I walk around with a cane and with the aid of somebody's arm myself--to useful occupation costs money. Being crippled is not like many other diseases...
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Title: Radio Address By Franklin D. Roosevelt, February 18, 1931
Creator: Franklin D. Roosevelt (author)
Date: February 18, 1931
Format: Speech
Source: New Deal Network (
Keywords: Advocacy; Children; Cripple; Demographics; Economics; Edgar Allen; Employment; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Government; Identity; Labor; Labor & Commerce; Media; Medicine; New York; Nursing; Physical Disability; Policy; Radio; Rehabilitation; Science; Social Welfare & Communities; Society For Crippled Children; Vocational Rehabilitation; Work
Topics: Social Movements & Advocacy