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Page 10: Photograph of Paul Harris Founder of "Rotary". Page 11: Description of Edgar Allen's efforts to establish hospitals in other cities.

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Title: Many Helped!
From: Care Of The Crippled Child
Original caption: Paul Harris
Founder of "Rotary"
Many Helped!
Rotarians in Elyria, Ohio, do not wish to make any exaggerated claims regarding early day interest in work for Crippled Children. . .
Edgar Allen was not the only Rotarian who was expressing concern for Crippled Children. . .
The "Call for Help" on behalf of Crippled Children was heard by Rotarians in New York State -- West Virginia -- in Michigan and Kentucky -- in Illinois and Pennsylvania. . .
In those days of beginning these Rotarians were most generous in their assistance in development of an International Society for Crippled Children; these, and Rotarians in many states were instigators and supporters of programs for Crippled Children in their own states. . .
But Elyria Rotarian Edgar Allen -- in six years -- traveled 300,000 miles and visited 400 different cities as he encouraged those with the same ideals and dreams. . .
Creator: n/a
Date: 1973
Publisher: Elyria Rotary Club
Source: Elyria Rotary Archives