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Date Format Image Collection
1960 Photograph  A young man in a wheelchair with his wife and young daughter. Visual Still
1960 Photograph  A man in a suit sits at a desk and wears a telephone headset. Visual Still
1960 Photograph  A man with a telephone headset uses his foot to operate a device.  The Wall Steet Journal is nearby. Visual Still
1848 Engraving  A man raises his fist at a woman. Two children struggle to pull them apart. Another woman enters the chaotic room. Visual Still
1848 Engraving  A man sits outside a curved cage. A man and a woman watch. Three figures in the background stand by bars. Visual Still
April 1919 Pamphlet  First page of I Want to Thank You with My Eyes. Photograph of a baby above title. Visual Still
September 1932 Photograph  A man in a wheelchair typing. Visual Still
December 1957 Newsletter  A woman holds a baby, surrounded by a halo. Visual Still
July 1955 Illustration  A drawn picture of a cat in a picnic basket. Visual Still
August 1956 Newsletter  A drawing of a donkey pulling a cart of flowers. Visual Still
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