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Date Format Image Collection
1924 Illustration  A man paints with his foot. Visual Still
April 1924 Photograph  Close-up of safety goggles, one lens shattered. Visual Still
April 1924 Photograph  Man working in steel factory wears protective mask. Visual Still
1925 Photograph  A middle aged Clifford Visual Still
1926 Photograph  Man adjusts safety googles on a worker. Visual Still
December 1926 Article    Document
1927 Article    Document
1927 Speech    Document
1927 Chart  Bar graph showing decline in blindness due to ophthalmia neonatorum in schools for the blind between 1908 and 1927. Visual Still
May 1927 Article    Document
1928 Book    Document
1929 Annual Report    Document
July 13, 1929 Speech    Document
circa 1930 Chart  Chart showing the number of injuries and the compensation dispensed for them in Pennsylvania. Each type of injury (arms, legs, feet, hands, and eyes) has a depiction of a man with that injury. The man is drawn larger for more common injuries. Visual Still
circa 1930 Manuscript    Document
1930 Annual Report    Document
February 1930 Article    Document
May 1930 Article    Document
1931 Photograph  Man sitting in chair, face bandaged, holding broken pair of safety goggles. Visual Still
February 18, 1931 Speech    Document
July 1931 Article    Document
July 1931 Article    Document
July 1931 Article    Document
August 1931 Article    Document
August 1931 Article    Document
August 1931 Article    Document
August 1931 Photograph  A group of seventeen people, some in wheelchairs, some standing. Visual Still
August 1931 Article    Document
September 1931     Document
September 1931 Article    Document
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