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Date Format Image Collection
September 29, 1965 Magazine    Document
1850 Lithograph  Lithograph of Alms House. Bird's eye view. Visual Still
1830 Lithograph  Lithograph of large building with columns Visual Still
circa 1850 Lithograph  A horse drawn carriage carries a woman, child, and man to the gates of the Alms House. Visual Still
circa 1860 Lithograph  Lithograph that depicts a woman with 2 children pointing towards the State Alms House which sits on a hill. Visual Still
1875 Lithograph  Aerial view of state asylum and grounds Visual Still
February 11, 1901 Letter    Document
January 29, 1901 Letter    Document
January 30, 1901 Letter    Document
July 21, 1916 Letter    Document
March 3, 1913 Letter    Document
October 22, 1904 Letter    Document
1974 Illustration  Drawing of a tangle of faces and bodies. Visual Still
October 12, 1870 Illustration  A large, ornate institutional building with trees in the foreground. Visual Still
1893 Illustration  A sparse building with trees and railroad in the rear. Visual Still
1893 Illustration  A large opulent building with formal gardens. Visual Still
1873 Illustration  A large institutional building with stage coaches coming and going. Visual Still
1873 Illustration  A portrait of Andrew McFarland, a middle-age man with a beard. Visual Still
1873 Illustration  Men carry a woman to a waiting train while a crowd looks on. Visual Still
1873 Illustration  A series of illustrations of a woman being separated from her children. Visual Still
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