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1919 Poster  Poster explaining government policies toward disabled military personnel. Visual Still
1919 Poster  Poster reading that The Disabled Man Who is Profitably Employed Is No Longer Handicapped.

Training for self-support is not only humane, but economical. The advantages already extended to injured soldiers at home and abroad must be extended to every citizen disabled in industry or accident.

Rehabilitation is the fundamental means of attack on the problem of disability. Let us help the cripple in the future, not by handing out alms, but by giving him a fair chance to win his own way to self-respect and self-support. Visual Still
November 9, 1943 Postcard  A group of civilian men sit on benches as two men in military uniforms hand out exams Visual Still
November 9, 1943 Postcard  Handwritten text from a recruit to his family. Visual Still
circa 1925 Postcard  Arkansas School For The Blind, Little Rock, Arkansas. A three-story brick building with pillars at entrance. Visual Still
1917 Postcard  Blind Institute, Saginaw, Michigan. A two-story brick building with an American flag on top. Visual Still
circa 1905 Postcard  A picture of large insitution buildings with a handwritten message. Visual Still
1890 Postcard  Color postcard of huge asylum in background with large courtyard in front Visual Still
1890 Postcard  Photo of a hallway at the Pontiac Asylum for the Insane. Visual Still
circa 1905 Postcard  A horse and carriage in front of a large institutional brick building. Visual Still
circa 1915 Postcard  Illinois School For The Deaf, Jacksonville, Illinois. A three-story brick building. Visual Still
September 25, 1918 Postcard  Photograph of large insitutional buildings. Visual Still
September 25, 1918 Postcard  Handwritten text to Mrs. E. A. Russell Visual Still
June 30, 1880 Postcard    Document
July 23, 1880 Postcard    Document
unknown Postcard    Document
November 15, 1880 Postcard    Document
November 28, 1880 Postcard    Document
December 12, 1880 Postcard    Document
January 8, 1881 Postcard    Document
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