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Date Format Image Collection
June 1932 Illustration  A seated man in formal clothing speaks with a man who reveals a leg brace. Visual Still
August 1931 Illustration  A man with a an adjustable wrench and an oil can works on his braces. Visual Still
September 1931 Illustration  A man in a wheelchair spins around holding a crying baby while a woman sleeps in the backbround. Visual Still
October 1933 Illustration  A man throws a brace out his window at a cat on a fence. Visual Still
December 1933 Illustration  A man on crutches enters a store where corsets are sold. Visual Still
August 1932 Illustration  A drawing of a bride in leg braces standing next to a groom. Visual Still
1859 Illustration  Four children point at a sitting girl. Visual Still
June 1932 Illustration  A cartoon of a man in a wheelchair in motion hitting a ball with a polo mallet. Visual Still
1863 Illustration  Illustration of Charles Stratton's residence; a horse drawn carriage in the foreground passes the gated mansion. Visual Still
1863 Illustration  An illustration depicting an adult male lecturing Gen. Tom Thumb who is in uniform. Visual Still
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