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Date Format Image Collection
July 23, 1892 Photograph  The second summer meeting for the American Association to Promote Teaching Speech to the Deaf photographed at Grosbyside Hotel Lake George.  Group of about 100 men and awomen. Visual Still
July 1908 Photograph  The eighteenth convention of American Instructors of the Deaf, Odgen, Utah, July 1908. Visual Still
circa 1950 Stamps  Visual Still
1938 Poster  A look inside the body of the AMA. Visual Still
1874 Book    Document
October 20, 1908 Article    Document
December 1, 1900 Book    Document
circa 1887 Photograph  Young Sullivan facing camera, curly hair, dark dress, white lace collar with dark broach at throat. Visual Still
February 22, 1876 Government Document  Handwritten form detailing the admission of Anne and James Sullivan to the Tewksbury State Almshouse. Visual Still
1886 Speech    Document
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