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Date Format Image Collection
1956 Annual Report    Document
1852 Annual Report    Document
1889 Advertisement  Four men and one boy in suits, in a piano tuning shop. Visual Still
1889 Advertisement  Text only, testimonials from customers of Perkins-trained piano tuners. Visual Still
January 1936 Advertisement    Document
April 1933 Advertisement  An advertisement for a stair lift and a home elevator. Visual Still
June 1932 Advertisement    Document
May 1933 Advertisement  A advertisement showing a man working on braces in his shop. Visual Still
March 1, 1860 Advertisement    Document
circa 1845 Daguerreotype  Portrait of Laura Bridgman as a young woman wearing a patterned dress with lace collar. Her hair is braided and pinned up with a part down the middle. The Daguerreotype photograph is housed in a small leather case with a patterned red velvet lining surrounded by a gold mat board and embossing. Visual Still
September 1931     Document
1893     Document
1974   Women on a bench. Visual Still
1974   Three boys playing outside institution. Visual Still
November 1916   Poster showing sighted worker and blind man. Visual Still
December 1932     Document
1946     Document
1946   A man works at an adding machine. Visual Still
1959     Document
1859     Document
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