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Date Format Image Collection
1908 Photograph  Woman seated at loom weaving Visual Still
circa 1910 Slide  Lantern slide showing women and children with empty large pans. One woman is receiving a full pail of coal. Probably in NY Visual Still
circa 1920 Photograph  Three women, probably either teachers or alumni, standing arm in arm. Visual Still
February 1920 Cartoon  Cartoon of skeleton holding jug of wood alcohol next to fresh graves. Visual Still
1914 Photograph  Eight workers at the Fall River broom workshop Visual Still
1919 Photograph  Seven men working in the Pittsfield Broom Making workshop. Visual Still
circa 1900 Photograph  Students and teachers lining two sides of a hallway, looking away from camera, with a female wearing a white dress crouched at the far end of the hallway holding a round object at the center of attention. Visual Still
circa 1900 Photograph  Empty parlor at the Wright Oral School with two couches in the center of the room and a window in the right background. Visual Still
1934 Photograph  Parlor at the Wright Oral School with a chair, small table with lamp near window, and bookshelf. Visual Still
circa 1920 Photograph  Four male Wright Oral School Students. Visual Still
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