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Date Format Image Collection
1917 Photograph  A blind man stitching a broom. Visual Still
1917 Photograph  Man at a machine making dishmops Visual Still
1917 Photograph  Men making baskets. Visual Still
1917 Annual Report    Document
November 1917 Photograph  A set of 94 broken goggles. Visual Still
November 1917 Photograph  One worker pours babbitt with a single hand ladle while another worker looks on. They both have safety glasses on, which are emphasized by 2 drawn on white arrows. Visual Still
November 1917 Poster  Poster showing workplace accident. Visual Still
circa 1918 Photograph  Photograph of ward in military hospital, including veterans, nurses, and doctors.  Several men use wheelchairs. Visual Still
1918 Photograph  Five men working in the Fall River broom shop. Visual Still
1918 Photograph  Three men working in a dowel shop. Visual Still
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