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April 1898 Article    Document
circa 1904 Photograph  Boys' caning shop, Main building, Perkins Institution, South Boston, Mass. Showing Mr. Thomas J. Carroll, instructor. The boys stand at tall work benches with chair seats to be caned clamped at chest height. They each have long lengths of caning materials that they weave across the wooden frames. Visual Still
circa 1904 Photograph  Classroom filled with boys at the Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind in South Boston. They are seated around a large U-shaped wooden table with an assortment of plants, pine cones, and flowers. Each boy has a writing tablet and writing instrument. Visual Still
circa 1880 Photograph  Formal portrait of seven young children with Down's Syndrome. Visual Still
May 1933 Article    Document
May 1933 Photograph  A child in braces stands using crutches. Visual Still
May 1933 Illustration  A drawing of a back brace. Visual Still
May 1933 Photograph  A boy stands with arms extended using splints. Visual Still
July 1847 Article    Document
1893 Book    Document
1893 Illustration  An engraving of a three-story house. Visual Still
1893 Illustration  A large building with pillars. Visual Still
1893 Photograph  A large buildings with elm trees in front. Visual Still
1893     Document
1893 Illustration  A sketch of several institutional buildings. Visual Still
1893 Illustration  An engraving of the Abbe Sicard. Visual Still
1893 Illustration  An engraving of David G. Seixas. Visual Still
1893 Illustration  Engraving of a plain-looking building. Visual Still
1893 Photograph  A large institutional building. Visual Still
1934 Poster  Poster with chart showing number of injuries from fireworks. Visual Still
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