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Date Format Image Collection
1959 Magazine  Magazine cover, with smiling man, woman, and girl. Visual Still
December 1933 Photograph  A bus with three men, one in a wheelchair. Visual Still
June 1932 Photograph  Four photographs of equipment used in the treatment of arthritis. Visual Still
November 1932 Article  Drawings of a doorway, a clipboard, and a hand holding a pencil. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Photograph of large sprawling building with many windows, porches, and decks. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Row of beds on a balconey. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Layout of a large institution with many wings. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  A large building with many windows. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Series of small buildings. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Large brick building with cupola at center. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Aerial view of large institutional complex. Visual Still
June 7, 1882 Print  Uncle Sam and a woman in an American flag dress cover their ears as an Irishman yells. Bricks with labels including Irish independence are scattered at the feet of Uncle Sam. The dim room has two levels of beds, with labels including Frenchman, Negro, and Russian. Visual Still
1962 Photograph  A row of men in wheelchairs before an American flag. Visual Still
1962 Article  A photographs of a young man in a wheelchair swinging a baseball bat and of a group of young people in wheelchairs. Visual Still
1962 Article  Photographs of people square dancing in wheelchairs and of four cheerleaders in wheelchairs. Visual Still
circa 1909 Photograph  Girl's sewing class from upper grammar at the the Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind in South Boston. The sewing room has eight or more sewing machine tables in two rows with railings sectioning off the work stations. Students sit on benches along the walls with sewing in their laps. Visual Still
October 1933 Photograph  A boy lies in bed with airplane splints. Visual Still
October 1933 Photograph  A boy lies in bed wearning splints. Visual Still
October 1933 Photograph  A boy lies in bed wearing splints. Visual Still
1862 Illustration  A well dressed family visits a man who is in a cage Visual Still
1934 Photograph  A portrait of Edward R. Johnstone, wearing suit and tie. Visual Still
1934 Photograph  A portrait of S. Olin Garrison. Visual Still
1934 Photograph  A teacher supervises a classroom with eleven children. Visual Still
1934 Photograph  Two young men with a goose, pony, goat, and dog. Visual Still
1934 Photograph  A row of wagons carrying corn stalks. Visual Still
circa 1900 Book  Typed vocabulary words on a page from Sarah Fuller's vocabulary notebook. Visual Still
circa 1900 Photograph  Exterior of Volta Bureau in background focus with trees in foreground. Visual Still
circa 1900 Photograph  A laboratory room at the Volta Bureau with pictures, a large table, and chairs surrounding the table. Visual Still
August 5, 1921 Photograph  Interior of the coach-house of the Alexander Melville Bell's home across the street from the Volta Bureau. Coal stove near a table. Visual Still
circa 1921 Photograph  Laboratory room at the Volta Bureau which includes a day bed, desk, and chair. Visual Still
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