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Date Format Image Collection
April 1932 Article    Document
January 1872 Article    Document
circa 1904 Photograph  Visual Still
1893 Book    Document
1893 Photograph  Young children of the McCowen School dine in a small parlor. Each table of children has a faculty member present. Visual Still
1893 Photograph  Deaf students and teachers in a parlor with a piano. Visual Still
1893 Photograph  A teacher points at the blackboard in front of a class of children. Visual Still
1893 Photograph  Seven children and a teacher sit around a table. Visual Still
1893 Photograph  A teacher and a girl stand at a blackboard.  Four boys sit at their desks. Visual Still
1893 Photograph  Boys and girls engaged in manual training. Visual Still
1893 Photograph  A group of boys and girls in a semi-circle engaged in sewing. Visual Still
1893 Photograph  A bedroom with two beds, curtains, wallpaper, carpet, and an American flag. Visual Still
1893 Book  Childern in a large room, some sitting and others standing. Visual Still
April 1847 Article    Document
circa 1900 Chart  A Melville Bell visible speech chart. Visual Still
February 1828 Ephemera    Document
August 8, 1850 Government Document    Document
December 1856 Article    Document
1906     Document
1906 Photograph  A plain one-story house with a fence in front. Visual Still
1906 Photograph  A large rock near trees and a fence on a farm. Visual Still
1906 Illustration  An engraving of an ornate building with trees and an iron fence. Visual Still
1906 Photograph  A photographic portrait of a women in a plain black dress with her three daughetrs, one wearing dark glasses. Visual Still
1906 Photograph  A man sits at a organ, and a woman in dark glasses holds a book. Visual Still
1906 Photograph  shows a woman in a black dress with white lace and a black bow at the neck holding a small book in her left hand and her right hand on the top of a short table to her right Visual Still
1906 Photograph  A woman in dark glasses sits in an ornate Victorian room. Visual Still
1906 Photograph  A portrait of a woman. Visual Still
1917 Photograph  Men making baskets. Visual Still
1918 Photograph  Three men working in a dowel shop. Visual Still
1960 Article    Document
December 1903 Article    Document
January 1936 Article    Document
circa 1898 Photograph  Merton Keith with large, full moustache, facing left. Visual Still
January 30, 1937 Article    Document
January 30, 1937 Postcard  Photograph of Henry Doherty, a man with goatee and spectacles. Visual Still
circa 1875 Photograph  Michael Hurlihy, portrait, waist-up, dark suit with bow tie. Visual Still
1928 Book    Document
1870 Photograph  Bridgman, seated, book in lap Visual Still
1910 Book    Document
January 1934 Article    Document
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