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Date Format Image Collection
1883 Conference Paper    Document
1843 Government Document    Document
January 1986 Government Document    Document
October 12, 1899 Article    Document
October 12, 1899 Engraving  Desk for working on punch cards. Visual Still
October 12, 1899 Engraving  Man sitting at desk receiving sorted punch cards, Visual Still
October 12, 1899 Engraving  A mechanism for counting, a numbered dial on front. Visual Still
October 12, 1899 Engraving  Mechanism with punch on a lever. Visual Still
October 12, 1899 Engraving  Mechanism for punching cards on table. Visual Still
circa 1850 Photograph  A scratched image of a man in a suit with a full head of gray hair. Visual Still
June 1918 Article    Document
June 1918 Photograph  Young man sits working at drafting board, Visual Still
August 1933 Article    Document
August 1933 Article    Document
September 1899 Article    Document
January 23, 1946 Article    Document
June 1849 Article    Document
January 1870 Article    Document
1907 Book    Document
September 2, 1865 Article    Document
1855 Article    Document
1919 Ephemera  A printed card with a photograph attached. Visual Still
circa 1915 Postcard  Illinois School For The Deaf, Jacksonville, Illinois. A three-story brick building. Visual Still
April 1847 Article    Document
1886 Article    Document
1886 Photograph  A portrait of Hervey Wilbur. Visual Still
1880 Article    Document
1880 Photograph  Photographic portrait of Edouard Seguin. Visual Still
1970 Photograph  A man in a wheelchair and a nurse look at papers. Visual Still
September 25, 1918 Postcard  Photograph of large insitutional buildings. Visual Still
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