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KEYWORDS: Assistive Technology

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Date Format Image Collection
January 1919 Cover  Cover of Carry On.  Sailor with cane and soldier hold large hour glass with factory and home inside. Visual Still
February 1934 Article    Document
1990 Photograph  Photograph of ADA protestors crawling up Capitol Builidng steps. Visual Still
1990 Photograph  Two young people crawl up the steps of the Capitol Building. Visual Still
1833 Annual Report    Document
1893 Photograph  Alexander Graham Bell speaks into a telephone.  A group of men in suits look on. Visual Still
circa 1950 Stamps  Visual Still
circa 1925 Advertisement  Poster, Teacher with Young Boy, tutoring. Visual Still
circa 1925 Advertisement  Mother sends child to school, both are in the yard beside a picket fence. Visual Still
circa 1925 Advertisement  Two boys, arms positioned on race track, ready to run Visual Still
circa 1925 Advertisement  Father in bowler hat with suit and tie, and his son, who has glasses and a suit and tie. Urban street corner, with cars and pedestrians in the background. Visual Still
circa 1925 Advertisement  Middle class family, Mom, Dad and son, all formally dressed, father seems to be examining a report card, fireplace hearth in background. Visual Still
circa 1925 Advertisement  Eager boy student raises hand in classroom, adolescent boys in jackets with ties and school books. Visual Still
circa 1925 Advertisement  Older man, a father with cane and bandaged eyes sits in room separated from another room where a woman does laundry while a child stands nearby. He is thinking about them--they are inside a circle of light and he is in darkness. Visual Still
1929 Annual Report    Document
1930 Annual Report    Document
December 1932 Photograph  Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and two other people stand between two porch pillars. Visual Still
July 1933 Article    Document
unknown Photograph  Woman in wheelchair having her pulse taken by nurse Visual Still
September 1931     Document
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