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KEYWORDS: Educational Institutions

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Date Format Image Collection
October 1946 Article    Document
November 15, 1922 Article    Document
1833 Annual Report    Document
July 13, 1929 Speech    Document
February 26, 1903 Article    Document
1889 Advertisement  Four men and one boy in suits, in a piano tuning shop. Visual Still
1889 Advertisement  Text only, testimonials from customers of Perkins-trained piano tuners. Visual Still
1893 Photograph  Visual Still
1907 Photograph  Group photograph in front of brick building. Visual Still
1907 Pamphlet  Program for 1907 American Association Of Workers For The Blind Boston Convention. Visual Still
circa 1900 Photograph  Group photograph of the American Association to Promote Teaching Speech to the Deaf Chicago School taken outdoors on the steps. Visual Still
1874 Book    Document
circa 1925 Advertisement  Poster, Teacher with Young Boy, tutoring. Visual Still
circa 1925 Advertisement  Mother sends child to school, both are in the yard beside a picket fence. Visual Still
circa 1925 Advertisement  Middle class family, Mom, Dad and son, all formally dressed, father seems to be examining a report card, fireplace hearth in background. Visual Still
circa 1925 Advertisement  Eager boy student raises hand in classroom, adolescent boys in jackets with ties and school books. Visual Still
December 1, 1900 Book    Document
circa 1887 Photograph  Young Sullivan facing camera, curly hair, dark dress, white lace collar with dark broach at throat. Visual Still
1886 Speech    Document
1833 Annual Report    Document
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