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KEYWORDS: Hospitals

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Date Format Image Collection
September 3, 1880 Postcard  Handwritten Text - from John J. Martin Visual Still
January 13, 1881 Postcard  Handwritten postcard address- Dr. H. M. Hurd, Eastern Assylum, Pontiac, Michigan Visual Still
January 13, 1881 Postcard  Handwritten Text - Dated January 13, 1881 Visual Still
April 7, 1883 Article    Document
1886 Photograph  Two boys working as cobblers. One files the sole of a shoe. The other holds a hammer and last upright and smiles. Visual Still
1886 Photograph  Three men stand with their arms folded across their chests. Visual Still
1886 Photograph  Two women pose with their arms crossed against their chests Visual Still
1886 Photograph  Photograph of two young boys with buttoned coats and bow ties. Visual Still
1887 Book    Document
1887 Government Document    Document
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