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Date Format Image Collection
1908 Book    Document
1929 Annual Report    Document
1930 Annual Report    Document
1851 Book    Document
1851 Book  Visual Still
1851 Book  Man being forced medication, while a dcotor looks on. Visual Still
1988 Article    Document
November 18, 1915 Newspaper  Newspaper headline reads Baby Dies; Physician Upheld - Autopsy Puts Boy In Class Of Defectives - Dr. Reinhardt Says Dr. Haiselden Did RIght to Allow Death Visual Still
1970 Article    Document
circa 1910 Postcard  Color postcard cartoon depicts man flying an airplane away from a brick building labeled Insane Asylum while guards look on from the roof. Visual Still
November 1956 Article    Document
circa 1860 Lithograph  Long view of hospital from front; horse drawn carriage approaches Visual Still
1959 Article    Document
1959 Cartoon  A cartoon of a wheelchair built for two young people in love. Visual Still
1973 Pamphlet    Document
1973 Pamphlet  Front and back covers of Elyria Rotary Club pamphlet about Gates Hospital for Crippled Children. Visual Still
1973 Pamphlet  Photograph of Elyria Memorial Hospital -- 1908 Visual Still
1973 Pamphlet  Story of Edgar Allen's involvement in Gates Hospital for Crippled Children. Visual Still
1973 Pamphlet  Page 2: Photographs of Edgar F. Allen and the Gates Hospital for Crippled Children - 1915 Page 3: Why the Rotary? explains the need for and founding of the Ohio Society for Crippled Children Visual Still
1973 Pamphlet  Page 4:  Photographs and brief bios of Harry Howett and James A. Hewitt who were both active in Crippled Children movement Page 5: Continues the story of the Rotary Club's work on behalf of Crippled Children. Visual Still
1973 Pamphlet  Page 6: Photograph of Clarence Heyman, M.D., a doctor at Elyria Memorial Hospital. Page 7: Description of medical expertise Dr. Heyman provided for Elyria Memorial Hospital. Visual Still
1973 Pamphlet  Page 8: Photo of Elyria Memorial Hospital Today. Page 9: Description of The Program Today (Elyria Memorial Hospital's current (1973) program for Crippled Children. Visual Still
1973 Pamphlet  Page 10: Photograph of Paul Harris Founder of Rotary. Page 11: Description of Edgar Allen's efforts to establish hospitals in other cities. Visual Still
1973 Pamphlet  Page 12: Rotary International logo and motto: He profits most who serves the best. Page 13: The Spirit of Rotary: Quotes from Rotary leaders. Visual Still
1924 Book    Document
March 1919 Article    Document
circa 1940 Photograph  Photograph of man speaking into radio microphone at cerebral palsy fundraiser. Visual Still
January 10, 1969 Government Document    Document
1959 Article    Document
1974 Photograph  The remains of a broken toilet. Visual Still
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