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KEYWORDS: Hospitals

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Date Format Image Collection
1959 Magazine  Magazine cover, with smiling man, woman, and girl. Visual Still
June 1932 Photograph  Four photographs of equipment used in the treatment of arthritis. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Photograph of large sprawling building with many windows, porches, and decks. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Row of beds on a balconey. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Layout of a large institution with many wings. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  A large building with many windows. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Series of small buildings. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Large brick building with cupola at center. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Aerial view of large institutional complex. Visual Still
1959 Photograph  Two photographs of a woman in a wheelchair wearing a cape. Visual Still
1959 Photograph  A man with a respirator attended by a nurse on a plane. Visual Still
1945 Photograph  Two lines of men, most leg amputees, perform balancing exercises. Visual Still
circa 1945 Photograph  View from behind of a line of lower leg amputees performing balance exercises Visual Still
1945 Photograph  Two veterans with prosthetic legs use a nurse for support as the three rollerskate. Visual Still
circa 1920 Postcard  A view through trees of an institutional building. Visual Still
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