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KEYWORDS: Parenting

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Date Format Image Collection
December 1902 Article    Document
1915 Newspaper  Photo of a newspaper article entitled Doctor to Let Defective Baby Expire Unaided. Visual Still
July 1953 Article    Document
November 17, 1915 Article    Document
November 22, 1915 Article    Document
circa 1988 Poster  A man with a prosthetic right arm cradles a baby. Visual Still
circa 1988 Poster  A mother with a prosthetic arm cradles and snuggles her baby.  She never lost her mother's touch. Visual Still
June 1942 Article    Document
December 1863 Article    Document
October 26, 1963 Speech    Document
1873 Annual Report    Document
July 21, 1968 Speech    Document
May 1927 Article    Document
1870 Sheet Music  Little girl being carried by angels away from cemetary. Visual Still
1870 Sheet Music  Sheet Music Visual Still
1870 Sheet Music  Sheet Music Visual Still
1870 Sheet Music  Sheet Music Visual Still
1963 Article    Document
1850 Book    Document
1900 Photograph  Kate Adams Keller facing right with bun in hair in a color lantern portrait. Visual Still
April 17, 1963 Speech    Document
December 1968 Speech    Document
January 8, 1818 Correspondence    Document
August 10, 1814 Correspondence    Document
June 14, 1814 Correspondence    Document
November 20, 1816 Correspondence    Document
April 14, 1830 Correspondence    Document
August 24, 1814 Correspondence    Document
May 9, 1829 Correspondence    Document
May 31, 1823 Correspondence    Document
October 11, 1815 Correspondence    Document
September 21, 1844 Article    Document
1854 Book    Document
1870 Sheet Music  Man and woman holding baby standing behind fence, watching little girl with book in front of fence Visual Still
September 15, 1960 Speech    Document
1960 Article    Document
1881 Postcard    Document
1873 Book    Document
1967 Charts & Tables  Bar graph showing responses about various programs. Visual Still
1868 Book    Document
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