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KEYWORDS: Popular Culture

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Date Format Image Collection
unknown Photograph  Two small-statured men with long hair and beards stand between two pedestals. Visual Still
1843 Book    Document
January 1843 Correspondence    Document
February 5, 1843 Correspondence    Document
March 8, 1843 Correspondence    Document
September 1, 1843 Correspondence    Document
September 4, 1843 Correspondence    Document
October 12, 1843 Correspondence    Document
circa 1844 Photograph  P.T Barnum sits in a chair.  Tom Thumb, with hand on Barnum's shoulder and in uniform, stands on table. Visual Still
March 22, 1844 Illustration  Lithograph of Charles Stratton dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte. Visual Still
August 18, 1844 Correspondence    Document
circa 1845 Illustration  A tiny Tom Thumb stands on a table next a woman and two men.  The room is ornate. Visual Still
January 30, 1845 Correspondence    Document
April 30, 1845 Correspondence    Document
January 2, 1847 Article    Document
1850 Book    Document
May 1852 Magazine    Document
December 1854 Article    Document
1855     Document
1855 Illustration  An engraving of the exterior of the American Museum. Visual Still
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