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The University Picture
Most colleges attended by wheelchair students have revealed a deep interest in the problems of the disabled by eliminating as many barriers as possible.. . .Following are four universities that are especially adapted to accommodate the wheelchair student and one geared to the homebound or hospitalized student:...
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Title: The University Picture
Creator: n/a
Date: 1962
Format: Article
Publication: Toomey J Gazette
Source: Gazette International Networking Institute
Keywords: Accessibility; Advocacy; Assistive Technology; Boston, MA; Bus; California; Disease; Economics; Education; Educational Institutions; Higher Education; Identity; Illinois; Institutions; Laws & Regulation; Massachusetts; Missouri; Physical Disability; Physical Therapy; Polio; Ramps; Rehabilitation; Respirator; Schools; Self Help; Social Welfare & Communities; Technology & Equipment; Timothy J. Nugent; Transportation; Universal Design; Wheelchair
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Physical Environment; Science, Health & Technology; Social Movements & Advocacy
Funding Support Provided By: NEC Foundation of America

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