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Ten Days In A Mad-House

Creator: Nellie Bly (author)
Date: 1887
Publisher: Norman L. Munro, Publisher, New York
Source: Available at selected libraries

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Mary Hughes, of whom I had spoken as appearing sane, was not to be found. Some relatives had taken her away. Where, they know not. The fair woman I spoke of, who had been sent here because she was poor, they said had been transferred to another island. They denied all knowledge of the Mexican woman, and said there never had been such a patient. Mrs. Cotter had been discharged, and Bridget McGuinness and Rebecca Farron had been transfered to other quarters. The German girl, Margaret, was not to be found, and Louisa had been sent elsewhere from hall 6. The French woman, Josephine, a great, healthy woman, they said was dying of paralysis, and we could not see her. If I was wrong in my judgment of these patients' sanity why was all this done? I saw Tillie Mayard, and she had changed so much for the worse that I shuddered when I looked at her.


I hardly expected the grand jury to sustain me, after they saw everything different from what it had been while I was there. Yet they did, and their report to the court advises all the changes made that I had proposed. .


I have one consolation for my work -- on the strength of my story the committee of appropriation provides $1,000,000 more than was ever before given, for the benefit of the insane.



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