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Committee Notes

Creator: n/a
Date: September 1932
Publication: The Polio Chronicle
Source: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation Archives




Polio Crusaders -- Mrs. Lillian K. Donovan and Peggy Clark and co-conspirators kept this ball rolling right along -- uphill! See "Donny's" picture left.


Publicity -- Phil Buchen, chairman, and a live Group made extensive preparation for a test of the mailing list which begins with this issue. Organized Group on magazine staff plan. They have everything but an office boy!


Hotel and Travel Accommodations -- Compiled accumulated information on hotels convenient for parals. Marian Anderson, chairman -- Dorothy Thum did the big job of typing for this Group.


Rehabilitation -- Chairmanship went through a double pass play, Lowell Martin to Everett Hewitt to Jack Korber. Here's hoping it was a forward pass. Ah! First down on "Imapoorcripple's" two-yard line!


Library -- Frances McGaan, chairman, is heard from on the next page. Christine Piper, secretary of N. P. C. inaugurating indexing of the local library for this Group. This library needs good reference works. Don't everyone speak at once! Act instead.


Plan and Purpose -- Dick Kerry, chairman, completed copy for N. P. C. leaflet. Have material for Polio Crusader brochure in shape for final draft.


Greetings -- May Christensen, new chairman since Bessie Furr returned home. Mary Devlin, chief aide. It you find a goodlooking someone popping up and saying "Hello" when you come to Warm Springs - it's May or Mary.


Entertainment -- Steve Helburn resigned as chairman - reason, lack of time. Steve's taken on a heavy scholastic schedule. Mildred Kerry, new chairman, is a former chairman of the Group. More power to you, Mildred.


Architectural and Mechanical Hints Group -- Jack Korber and Bob Reidy, co-chairman, transferred. Jack is N. P. C.'s new Vice-President. Bob goes to the Publicity Group. Robert Allen, new chairman, is the present sleuth on the trail of every idea helpful to the physically handicapped.