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Mason Cogswell To Mary Cogswell, October 30, 1816

From: Letters By Mason Cogswell
Creator: Mason F. Cogswell (author)
Date: October 30, 1816
Publication: Father and Daughter: A Collection of Cogswell Family Letters and Diaries (1772-1830)
Publisher: American School for the Deaf
Source: Yale Medical Library


To Mrs. M. A. Cogswell




New Haven, Oct. 30th, 1816.


Dear Mary --


Your letter with its enclosure arrived in season, but it did no good. Nothing short of an immediate revelation would touch the hearts of obdurate Democrats, and ignorant and selfish Federalists. The House in the abundance of their liberality granted $5,000.00. The Council sent the bill back to them with $10,000.00. The House refused to concur and the bill falls to the ground between them. Thus all our hopes from the Legislature, for the present, are blasted. Whether it will be best to apply to them in future, time and future circumstances must determine. Tell Mr. Jones he must not laugh. I acknowledge I have realized his apprehensions in full.


We shall leave here either this evening or in the morning for New York; but I confess, with a heavy heart.


Dr. Mitchell has again got up his project for sending for Gard. We hasten on to try and stop it. You shall hear from me soon after I get there. I do not despair; the work is in God's hands, and He can make it prosper.


Do not fail to write me in a few days, if it should only be to inform me that you are all well. That will be a cordial to me. My best love to all our household. Do not let our dear little Alice know but what her cause prospers.


Jack and the girls, Nathan and his, likewise share in my love. A suitable remembrance to all others who remember me.


Believe me, my dearest wife,


Yours truly,


Mason F. Cogswell