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KEYWORDS: Automobile

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Date Format Image Collection
December 1932 Photograph  Franklin Roosevelt sits in a car with his wife and his daughter. Visual Still
December 1932 Photograph  Franklin Roosevelt, with a hat on, looks from a car. Visual Still
1970 Article    Document
1959 Article    Document
August 1933 Article    Document
April 1933 Article    Document
October 1932 Article    Document
January 1933     Document
October 1932 Article    Document
1919 Poster  Exhibit poster showing two scenes in which disabled veterans learn trades. Visual Still
1956 Comic Book  A elderly man speaks at an office; then a happy scene at a farm. Visual Still
October 23, 1932 Photograph  President Roosevelt sits up on the back of a car seat and shakes hands with a farmer in overalls standing next to the car. Visual Still
circa 1935 Photograph  Little girl with braces on her legs climbs into car; man stands to her left and a woman, holding crutches, stands to her right Visual Still
September 1931 Illustration  Design drawing hand controls for brake and clutch. Visual Still
1959 Photograph  Three photographs, two of children and one of a man getting out of a car. Visual Still
1959 Article    Document
1959 Photograph  A photograph of a car seat with a homemade head support. Visual Still
1959 Photograph  Two photographs of homemade lifts and an exterior elevator. Visual Still
1959 Article    Document
1959 Article    Document
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