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Keywords are the terms assigned to describe an artifact. All the keywords we have used are available here. Common variants, including plural forms, of the keywords will be accepted by our Search. For example, searching "Franklin Delano Roosevelt" or "FDR" will provide the same results. Note that "male" and "female" work as keywords though they are not displayed in Card Catalogue Keyword displays.

The use of language or nomenclature to describe disability changes constantly. Some past usages are offensive and degrading and should be avoided in contemporary language. In cataloging historical materials, these terms are useful to recover past experiences and ideologies. When a source uses a historical category term, "feeble-minded" and "moron" are examples, we have applied the term as a keyword. Historical terms apply only to the period in which an artifact was created and are not applied to artifacts created after that usage has gone into deserved oblivion.

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