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Date Format Image Collection
May 1933 Cartoon  Cartoon of a man in a small tank going uphill pulling a wheelchair. Visual Still
July 1933 Cartoon  Cartoon of a man with his arm around a woman on a park bench with wheels. Visual Still
August 1933 Cartoon  A young man uses a crutch to hold pretzels and a beer mug. Visual Still
September 1933 Cartoon  Cartoon of a young man on crutches looking at a strong man on a soap box. Visual Still
February 1920 Cartoon  Cartoon of skeleton holding jug of wood alcohol next to fresh graves. Visual Still
circa 1930 Chart  Chart showing the number of injuries and the compensation dispensed for them in Pennsylvania. Each type of injury (arms, legs, feet, hands, and eyes) has a depiction of a man with that injury. The man is drawn larger for more common injuries. Visual Still
1927 Chart  Bar graph showing decline in blindness due to ophthalmia neonatorum in schools for the blind between 1908 and 1927. Visual Still
1946 Charts & Tables  Bar graphs showing money in wages and percentages of people with various disabilities who earned those wages. Visual Still
1946 Charts & Tables  Charts showing income goals for 1947 and what the inccrease would mean for staff and jobs. Visual Still
1967 Charts & Tables  Pie charts displaying percentages of causes and classifications of mental retardation. Visual Still
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