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Date Format Image Collection
July 22, 1842 Letter    Document
circa 1842 Photograph  Swift on left, Bridgman on right, standing beside one another conversing with manual alphabet Visual Still
1842 Annual Report    Document
1841 Annual Report    Document
circa 1840 Photograph  Portrait of Dorothea Dix: half-length, full face, seated, head to left, arm resting on table. Visual Still
circa 1840 Illustration  Howe with dark suit, white shirt with high collar, beard and mustache Visual Still
1840 Annual Report    Document
1840 Painting  Painted portrait of Laurent Clerc wearing a high ruffled collar and dark coat Visual Still
1839 Annual Report    Document
1838 Annual Report    Document
1838 Annual Report    Document
1837 Government Document    Document
September 1835 Article    Document
circa 1835 Illustration  side view from street, three story brick building, people on sidewalk and street, walking, on horseback, in wagon Visual Still
April 1834 Article    Document
1834 Annual Report    Document
December 1833 Annual Report    Document
November 30, 1833 Annual Report    Document
July 1833 Article    Document
1833 Annual Report    Document
1833 Annual Report    Document
1833 Illustration  Architectural design of the Worcester Lunatic Hospital Visual Still
1833 Lithograph  A carriage at the front of a large institutional building. Visual Still
December 6, 1832 Government Document    Document
January 4, 1832 Government Document    Document
April 14, 1830 Correspondence    Document
1830 Lithograph  Lithograph of large building with columns Visual Still
October 28, 1829 Correspondence    Document
September 19, 1829 Correspondence    Document
July 17, 1829 Correspondence    Document
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