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Date Format Image Collection
September 1931 Article    Document
June 1968 Speech    Document
1960 Article    Document
November 1932 Article    Document
November 1932 Article  Drawings of a doorway, a clipboard, and a hand holding a pencil. Visual Still
February 1852 Article    Document
1908 Article    Document
1908 Photograph  Photograph of large sprawling building with many windows, porches, and decks. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Row of beds on a balconey. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Layout of a large institution with many wings. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  A large building with many windows. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Series of small buildings. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Large brick building with cupola at center. Visual Still
1908 Photograph  Aerial view of large institutional complex. Visual Still
October 24, 1878 Postcard    Document
November 12, 1878 Postcard    Document
November 15, 1878 Postcard    Document
November 29, 1878 Postcard    Document
July 29, 1880 Postcard    Document
January 8, 1848 Article    Document
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