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KEYWORDS: Medical Professionals

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Date Format Image Collection
October 1946 Article    Document
April 24, 1883 Article    Document
November 14, 1934 Speech    Document
1938 Poster  A look inside the body of the AMA. Visual Still
July 1931 Article    Document
1929 Annual Report    Document
1930 Annual Report    Document
July 1933 Article    Document
unknown Photograph  Woman in wheelchair having her pulse taken by nurse Visual Still
1897 Pamphlet    Document
August 1933 Article    Document
1851 Book    Document
1851 Book  Visual Still
1851 Book  Man being forced medication, while a dcotor looks on. Visual Still
1988 Article    Document
1988 Article    Document
1988 Article    Document
November 18, 1915 Newspaper  Newspaper headline reads Baby Dies; Physician Upheld - Autopsy Puts Boy In Class Of Defectives - Dr. Reinhardt Says Dr. Haiselden Did RIght to Allow Death Visual Still
1970 Article    Document
April 14, 1917 Advertisement  The Black Stork delivers a crying baby to Dr. Haiselden's door.  A sign on the door reads Black Stork Babies Not Treated Visual Still
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