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About: Partners

Education Partners

Our education partners have collaborated with the Disability History Museum staff on securing grants and developing programs. They have provided crucial links to diverse educational settings, teaching expertise, and classroom laboratories. We work collaboratively with secondary school teachers, higher education faculty and their students to design and pilot disability history curricula that integrates within broad themes in American History. Our partners include:

Keene State College

Founded in 1909, Keene State College serves the citizens of New Hampshire and the greater Western Massachusetts/Vermont region as a scholarly community of higher learning. The College offers associate's, bachelor's and selected master's degrees, as well as opportunities for continuing education in credit and non-credit programs and courses. Keene State College has a well-established track record accommodating students with disabilities. Faculty at Keene State are currently developing materials for the DHM in connection with the 2010 launch of Becoming Helen Keller.

Collaborative for Educational Services

The Collaborative for Educational Services is a nonprofit, multi-service agency linking education, schools, families, and communities to opportunities and resources that advance student learning in Massachusetts. It provides school districts and K-12 teachers with consultation, support services, classroom resources, and other tools. The Collaborative is helping to develop evaluation tools for assessing teacher and student experiences with the Disability History Museum's website, including its curriculum materials.

Past Collaborators

Newton North High School, Newton, MA

With funds provided by the John W. Alden Trust, the faculty, professional staff, student advisers, administrators, and parents at Newton North High School helped develop and implement high school level curriculum resources tied to Disability History Museum exhibits.

Center on Human Policy, Law and Disability Studies, Syracuse University

The Center on Human Policy, Law and Disability Studies at Syracuse University is a disability policy and research institute. Syracuse University has a national reputation as a leader in disability-related fields and has demonstrated a long commitment to Special Education and Disability Studies.

Alaska Department of Labor/Parents Inc.

With funding f rom the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), the Alaska Department of Labor's Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (AK DOL) and Parents Inc. are the initial sponsors of the Doers & Deeds curriculum project. Doers & Deeds is an innovative museum exhibition and education program that will integrate disability perspectives into schools in Alaska and across the country. Parents Inc. is an advocacy group for families of children with disabilities based in Anchorage, AK.