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FIT: Episodes in the History of the Body our award-winning documentary explores, explodes, and exposes the cultural roots of America's fitness fanaticism. Asking the question, who is fit and who is not, FIT tracks how the definitions changed from 1880-1970s. 74 min.

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Beyond Affliction: The Disability History Project is a four-hour radio documentary series produced by Laurie Block and Jay Allison. Each of its episodes explores the cultural history of people with disabilities in the United States and how that history persists in the present. This evergreen series received an Easter Seals Special EDI Award and the Robert F. Kennedy Award for Journalism. Most commonly, shoppers select Inventing The Poster Child which expores common stereotypes associated with disability, philanthropy, their historic origins and present day consequence. They also use The Overdue Revolution which explores the origins of the Disability Rights Movement, and the pivotal moment of the Section 504 demonstrations and legislation in the 1970s. These two programs are especially valuable for teaching or professional development in secondary schools, higher ed, and for non profits.

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