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Date Format Image Collection
May 21, 1816 Correspondence    Document
January 17, 1816 Correspondence    Document
1815 Painting  Painting of Clerc in dark coat and white shirt with left hand in the shape of the letter c Visual Still
December 14, 1794 Correspondence    Document
January 29, 1794 Correspondence    Document
unknown Stamps  A young boy using braces holds a ball over his head. Visual Still
unknown Stamps  Drawing of the face of a smiling boy.  The tip of a crutch can be seen under his left arm. Visual Still
unknown Stamps  Stamp showing an infant using braces and a walker. Visual Still
unknown Stamps  Stamp showing a young girl using crutches. Visual Still
unknown Stamps  Stamp showing a smiling boy, standing in a beam of light, using crutches. Visual Still
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