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KEYWORDS: Women & Gender

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Date Format Image Collection
1916 Book    Document
1916 Book    Document
circa 1842 Photograph  Swift on left, Bridgman on right, standing beside one another conversing with manual alphabet Visual Still
circa 1885 Photograph    Document
circa 1885 Photograph  Bust view, oval format, of Lavinia Warren in dark velvet dress with jewelry. Visual Still
March 2, 1912 Article    Document
May 30, 1821 Correspondence    Document
August 10, 1814 Correspondence    Document
June 14, 1814 Correspondence    Document
October 28, 1829 Correspondence    Document
October 12, 1809 Correspondence    Document
November 1855 Article    Document
January 1855 Article    Document
March 1855 Article    Document
1854 Book    Document
June 1933 Article    Document
1846 Pamphlet    Document
1846 Pamphlet  A woman holds some straw while two people look at her. Visual Still
1846 Pamphlet  Cover of pamphlet with colored picture of Mary with two onlookers. Visual Still
1846 Illustration  A man stands next to a sitting woman. Visual Still
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