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Peculiar Institutions In Massachusetts
Some years ago, the legislature of Massachusetts, at the suggestion of several benevolent gentlemen whose attention had been turned to the subject, appointed a commission to inquire into the condition of the idiots of the commonwealth, to ascertain their numbers, and whether any thing could be done in their behalf....
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Title: Peculiar Institutions In Massachusetts
From: Literary Recreations and Miscellanies
Creator: John G. Whittier (author)
Date: 1854
Format: Book
Publisher: Ticknor and Fields, Boston
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: pp.20-33
Keywords: Alcohol; Asylums; Children; Cognitive Disability; Crime; Demographics; Education; Educational Institutions; Government; Government Agencies; Heredity; Idiocy; Institutions; Jurisprudence; Laws & Regulation; Legislation; Massachusetts; Medicine & Science; Parenting; Poetry; Policy; Poverty; Samuel Gridley Howe; Sexuality; Social Welfare & Communities; Statistics; Women & Gender
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Social Movements & Advocacy