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KEYWORDS: Hospitals

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Date Format Image Collection
circa 1920 Postcard  Colored postcard of staff and patients eating watermelon on lawn in front of low buildings with red and white awnings Visual Still
circa 1920 Postcard  A view through trees of an institutional building. Visual Still
1922 Poster  Mother lies in bed after giving birth; message about the danger of passing on syphillis to newborns. Visual Still
1924 Book    Document
1927 Photograph  Portrait of Edgar Fiske Allen -- well-dressed man; mustachioed, glasses, balding. Visual Still
May 1927 Article    Document
1929 Annual Report    Document
circa 1930 Postcard  A cartoon of  man looking over the wall of an insane asylum. Visual Still
1930 Annual Report    Document
September 1931 Article    Document
September 1931 Photograph  Photograph of the infirmary, a single-story building with pillars. Visual Still
April 1932 Article    Document
June 1932 Photograph  A single-storied building surrounded by trees. Visual Still
June 1932 Photograph  Four photographs of equipment used in the treatment of arthritis. Visual Still
October 1932 Photograph  Photographs of a building and a room with four bed. Visual Still
October 1932 Article    Document
August 1933 Article    Document
August 1933 Article    Document
May 19, 1934 Article    Document
March 7, 1935 Government Document    Document
circa 1940 Photograph  Photograph of man speaking into radio microphone at cerebral palsy fundraiser. Visual Still
circa 1940 Postcard  A woman leads two little girls, one who uses crutches, up the front walk past flowers to the hospital. Visual Still
June 1942 Article    Document
June 1942 Article    Document
circa 1945 Photograph  View from behind of a line of lower leg amputees performing balance exercises Visual Still
1945 Photograph  Two lines of men, most leg amputees, perform balancing exercises. Visual Still
1945 Photograph  Two veterans with prosthetic legs use a nurse for support as the three rollerskate. Visual Still
April 10, 1946 Magazine    Document
1947 Book    Document
1947 Photograph  A nurse dressed in white washes a woman's back. Visual Still
1947 Photograph  Beds in an institutional room. Visual Still
1947 Photograph  An institutional room room crowded with beds. Visual Still
1947 Photograph  An open hall with wooden benches. Visual Still
1947 Photograph  Two patients in beds in aroom with peeling paint and crumbling plaster. Visual Still
1947 Photograph  A sink filled with eatring utensils next to two toilets. Visual Still
1947 Photograph  Three women sits in a couch and chairs.  The rooms has a lamp, curtains, and plants. Visual Still
1947 Photograph  Seven women, most barefoot, sit on benches in a room. Visual Still
1947 Photograph  People sit in the rows of a small theater. Visual Still
1947 Photograph  Men walking through a dingy ward. Visual Still
1947 Photograph  Young men playing volleyball. Visual Still
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