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Date Format Image Collection
April 1958 Article    Document
1886 Photograph  Two boys working as cobblers. One files the sole of a shoe. The other holds a hammer and last upright and smiles. Visual Still
1886 Photograph  Three men stand with their arms folded across their chests. Visual Still
1886 Photograph  Two women pose with their arms crossed against their chests Visual Still
1886 Photograph  Photograph of two young boys with buttoned coats and bow ties. Visual Still
June 1932 Photograph  A single-storied building surrounded by trees. Visual Still
July 1852 Article    Document
1904 Article    Document
May 12, 1918 Article    Document
June 1918 Article    Document
May 1918 Article    Document
1959 Article    Document
circa 1918 Pamphlet    Document
1876 Conference Paper    Document
1837 Government Document    Document
January 4, 1832 Government Document    Document
December 6, 1832 Government Document    Document
December 1833 Annual Report    Document
November 30, 1833 Annual Report    Document
1833 Illustration  Architectural design of the Worcester Lunatic Hospital Visual Still
1833 Lithograph  A carriage at the front of a large institutional building. Visual Still
1916 Article    Document
February 9, 1843 Newspaper    Document
January 1849 Article    Document
November 1918 Article    Document
1959 Article    Document
1959 Photograph  A photograph of the author inside a drawing of a spider. Visual Still
1862 Pamphlet    Document
1865 Pamphlet    Document
1865 Pamphlet    Document
September 17, 1917 Article    Document
circa 1940 Postcard  A woman leads two little girls, one who uses crutches, up the front walk past flowers to the hospital. Visual Still
1905 Postcard  Drawing of a man pulling a wagon away path from a large institutional building. Visual Still
1922 Poster  Mother lies in bed after giving birth; message about the danger of passing on syphillis to newborns. Visual Still
February 10, 1964 Government Document    Document
1875 Lithograph  Aerial view of state asylum and grounds Visual Still
1898 Photograph  A nine-piece brass band stands in a field in front of trees holding their instruments.  They stand around a large drum on which is printed State Insane Asylum Band, Topeka, KS. Visual Still
April 7, 1883 Article    Document
circa 1880 Photograph  Fourteen women pose on the steps of the Willard Asylum. Visual Still
circa 1880 Photograph  Stereo card of men and women at work in the laundry at Willard Asylym. Visual Still
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