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Special Message To The Congress On The Nation's Health, February 10, 1964
Disability -- always a cruel burden -- has partly succumbed to medical progress. Our Federal-State program of vocational rehabilitation has been demonstrating this fact for more than 40 years. Rehabilitation can help restore productivity and independence to millions of Americans who have been victims of serious illness and injury....
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Title: Special Message To The Congress On The Nation's Health, February 10, 1964
Creator: Lyndon Baines Johnson (author)
Date: February 10, 1964
Format: Government Document
Source: Social Security Online History Page
Keywords: Accident; Aging; Children; Cognitive Disability; Disease; Doctors; Economics; Employment; Government; Government Agencies; Hospitals; Institutions; Insurance; Labor; Labor & Commerce; Laws & Regulation; Legislation; Lyndon Johnson; Medical Professionals; Medicine; Medicine & Science; Policy; Politics; Poverty; Psychiatric Disability; Public Health; Public Health & Welfare; Public Welfare; Rehabilitation; Social Security; Social Welfare & Communities; U.S. Congress; Vocational Rehabilitation; Workers Compensation
Topics: Government, Policy & Law