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KEYWORDS: Identity

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Date Format Image Collection
unknown Postcard    Document
unknown Postcard    Document
unknown Postcard    Document
unknown Illustration  Portrait of Laurent Clerc. Visual Still
unknown Illustration  Portrait of Mason Cogswell. Visual Still
unknown Illustration  Framed silhouette of Alice Cogswell. Visual Still
unknown Photograph  Photograph of the front of a large school building. Visual Still
1816 Ephemera    Document
June 1, 1817 Annual Report    Document
May 22, 1821 Pamphlet    Document
February 1828 Ephemera    Document
April 1834 Article    Document
1840 Annual Report    Document
1843 Annual Report    Document
April 1845 Article    Document
1847 Annual Report    Document
January 2, 1847 Article    Document
April 1847 Article    Document
October 1847 Article    Document
January 1848 Article    Document
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