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Date Format Image Collection
unknown Lithograph  Two images - A woman lying in bed; the same woman lying in bed upright with table Visual Still
unknown Postcard  Photograph of a large pyramid of Crutches in the corner of a church. Visual Still
unknown Lithograph  Valuable Books for children and Youth... surrounded by drawings of animals, boats and cornucopias Visual Still
unknown Lithograph  A young woman sits with a sign Pity the poor girl that is deaf and dumb and blind. Visual Still
1815 Painting  Painting of Clerc in dark coat and white shirt with left hand in the shape of the letter c Visual Still
1817 Pamphlet    Document
1824 Pamphlet    Document
1824 Pamphlet  Front cover of pamphlet titled Sermon, on the Duty and Advantages of Affording Education to the Deaf and Dumb Visual Still
1825 Pamphlet  Title page of Happy Poverty; a lithograph of a woman with hair braided at a spinning wheel and another older woman in a shawl sitting on a bed Visual Still
1826 Lithograph  Full frontal view of a blind man and young boy who are both wearing mat capes and aprons Visual Still
1827 Pamphlet  Poem from The Idiot. Visual Still
July 17, 1829 Correspondence    Document
1839 Book    Document
January 1839 Article    Document
1843 Government Document    Document
1843 Book    Document
January 1843 Correspondence    Document
February 5, 1843 Correspondence    Document
March 8, 1843 Correspondence    Document
September 1, 1843 Correspondence    Document
September 4, 1843 Correspondence    Document
October 12, 1843 Correspondence    Document
March 22, 1844 Illustration  Lithograph of Charles Stratton dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte. Visual Still
August 18, 1844 Correspondence    Document
September 21, 1844 Article    Document
1845 Book    Document
January 30, 1845 Correspondence    Document
April 30, 1845 Correspondence    Document
July 1845 Article    Document
1846 Pamphlet    Document
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