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Date Format Image Collection
1851 Book    Document
January 1852 Magazine    Document
February 1852 Magazine    Document
March 1852 Article    Document
April 1852 Magazine    Document
May 1852 Article    Document
May 1852 Magazine    Document
June 1852 Article    Document
June 1852 Magazine    Document
June 1852 Article    Document
May 1853 Article    Document
August 1853 Article    Document
1854 Article    Document
1854 Book    Document
January 1854 Article    Document
December 1854 Article    Document
1855     Document
1855 Illustration  An engraving of the exterior of the American Museum. Visual Still
1855 Illustration  An engraving of a withered monkey torso attached to a fish tail. Visual Still
1855 Illustration  Three mermaids on an ocean rock, one holding a hand mirror. Visual Still
1855 Illustration  Portrait of P.T. Barnum. Visual Still
November 1855 Article    Document
1859     Document
1859 Illustration  An engraved portrait of Mary Day, a blind woman. Visual Still
1859 Book    Document
1859 Book    Document
1859 Illustration  Four children point at a sitting girl. Visual Still
circa 1860 Pamphlet    Document
circa 1860 Pamphlet  Frontal view of Barnum's American Museum Visual Still
1860 Book    Document
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