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"Crazy Ann"
When Ann heard the tidings of the loss of that dear friend , whom she loved more than any one else in the world, she uttered a frightful shriek, and fainted. When she recovered, she was a raving maniac....
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Title: "Crazy Ann"
From: The Boy's Story Book
Creator: Francis Channing Woodworth (author)
Date: 1851
Format: Book
Publisher: Clark, Astin & Co.
Source: American Antiquarian Society
Control no.: CL.W9125.B7931.1851b
Location: pp.17-45
Keywords: Accident; Almshouses; Children; Children's Literature; Confinement; Death; Disease; Family; Grief; Insanity; Institutions; Media; Moral Literature; Psychiatric Disability; Public Welfare; Religion
Topics: Mass Media, Culture & The Arts