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Editor's Table, April 1852
Considerable anxiety is sometimes expressed by persons who derive a morbid satisfaction from looking on scenes of human misery, as to the propriety, safety, &c., of their visiting the Asylum. This diseased state of the sentiments is most incident to those who have been badly educated...
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Title: Editor's Table, April 1852
From: Editor's Table
Creator:  A (author)
Date: April 1852
Format: Magazine
Publication: The Opal
Source: New York State Library
Control no.: 051 O612 1852
Location: vol.2, no.4, pp.121-128
Keywords: Asylums; Education; England; Entertainment, Leisure & Recreation; Exhibits; Government Agencies; Greece; Health & Medicine; Humor; Identity; Insanity; Institutions; Laws & Regulation; Media; Moral Treatment; New York; New York State Lunatic Asylum; Philosophy; Psychiatric Disability; Religion
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Mass Media, Culture & The Arts

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